6th World (Mis)Adventures

Seeing the Sites

The Fertile Crescent, the Cradle of Civilisation.

No matter what you call it, the name isn’t enough. I can feel the power here. This place hums with history, old stories soaked into old stones. Not even the modern city of Cairo can drown it out. You can feel the power seeping up through the asphault, the magics of an ancient empire buried for millenia.

It’s no wonder they keep such close tabs on the Awakened here, so much to see, to feel, to learn. Maybe someday I’ll have time to unravel the secrets of the Pharohs, but for now, I’ll osmose what I can of this place before we’re dropped smack dab in the middle of the jungle.


Andreas, slowly drew in the sights and sounds of Cairo. The air was hot and dusty, so unlike Seattle. It was the first time he had been out of North America, and was interested in what he might find here. The plane had landed shortly before, and the team had received a short introduction from their handler to the area.

He had looked up Egypt before the flight out on the Matrix, and knew that his mere presence here would be an issue for the Egyptian government if they found him. The government took a poor view on the Awakened, and being from the UCAS would certainly not help matters. Still if he was here, there were things that he was going to see, and not keep hidden in the hotel like a fugitive.

All four of them decided that a quick trip to the sights was in order. A cab was hailed, and they crowded in and managed to communicate with the driver in broken English that they desired to see the Nile. Andreas was quite happy that they had found a cab. The streets were chaotic, and many drivers seemed to do as they liked rather then follow a pattern he could make out. Still there was a nerve racking point, when the taxi driver cut down an alley, and went flying though. Fortunately the on coming car swerved into another alley as they went barreling through.

The Nile was a start contrast to desert Andreas had seen from the air. It was green by the Nile, and he could see the occasional crocodile come up from its depths.

It took longer to find a cab, and even longer to find them one that would take them to the pyramids. Along the way the cab driver informed them, that the pyramids where the pyramids of Abu Sir.

The pyramids where a fantastic sight. A quick Matrix search told him that these were not considered as impressive as those at Giza, but there mission time table would not allow them the luxury of visiting other Egyptian sights. The years had not been kind to the Pyramids, and still they stood a monument to ancient engineering of the Fifth world. The streets of Cairo clustered around the pyramids which dominated the sky line of the city. A dry wind swirled the dust around his feet, as he wandered around these monuments.

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