Nell sat in quite contemplation. The sound of the jet engines not doing nearly enough to drowned out his thoughts. What had gone wrong? Six months ago he got Jack killed. Cass won him over despite his hesitations. Her past rapidly caught up with the group, and a simple wet works job went horribly wrong. The mark was dead, but they didn’t know his wife was a dragon. They saw Cass running after taking the shot, they saw the woman turn into a dragon, they saw the powerful energies surround Cass, and they saw her body fall to the snow. They were outgunned just considering the body guards, they hadn’t planned for a fuckin’ dragon. It was the right thing to do to leave. Besides it was Cass’ beef, she got was she wanted, she felt venicated before she fell. Still, the sound of the single gun shot as they sped down the mountian has woken him up every night…

“So Nell, what do you know about Africa? I haven’t been and if you believe the trids its all a bunch of savages.”

That was Maxwell. He’s the new recruit. He was a decent special effects wizard in the trid industry, but as he put it he wanted something a “little more real.” He’s flashy, and can do some amazing things with illusions.

“Well, we are going to be working security for some lab coat types out in a remote area. Is it all a bunch of savages? Does it matter? Don’t drink the water and it helps if you shoot them before they manage to shoot you.”

He couldn’t help but think Maxwell would end up like Cass and Jack. Some time away from Seattle would be good for everyone…

6th World (Mis)Adventures

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